September 9, 2017

Nagaoka Co., Ltd

Enterprise Information Company name Nagaoka Co., Ltd company overview Established: 1895 Capital: 96,000,000yen Annual sales: 100billion yen (2013) Representative: Representative director Hayashi Shuuichi Employees: 223 Business: Manufacture and sale of flavourings in general, medicines and industrial chemicals and others Head office location 2 Chome-2-6 Kitakyūhōjimachi, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 541-0057, Japan URL Contact person Kito Hiroki Contact person in charge 03-3615-8822 Message / benefits to buyers · visitors  Our company is doing manufacturing in Japan and abroad under the concept of “eating and living healthily”, and we provide food flavorings, food ingredients, cosmetic fragrances to manufacturers. By offering Halal certified food spices (including beverages) not only in Japan but also...
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Enterprise Information Company name SANBISHI CO.,LTD company overview It is a soy sauce company with a history of over 120 years in Aichi Prefecture. Currently it is under the control of ZENSHO Holdings Co., Ltd., and manufactures and sells seasonings such as soy sauce and other food items. Head office location 441-0102 Aichi Prefecture, Toyokawa city, Shinozukacho, Wakamiya No. 53 URL Contact person  Taguchi Junji Contact person in charge  052-389-3570 Message / benefits to buyers · visitors Our Halal certified soy sauce is brewed with nitrogen equivalent to the special grade accordingly the Japanese agricultural standard JAS standards. By using non-genetically modified soybeans, you can enjoy the original taste of...
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S&B Foods Inc

Enterprise Information Company name  S&B Foods Inc company overview Manufacturing and sales of spices and curry sauce Head office location  18-6 Nihonbashikabutochō, Chūō-ku, Tōkyō-to 103-0026, Japan URL Contact person B2B sales – Kaneko Contact person in charge 03-3558-6252 Message / benefits to buyers · visitors We will be exhibiting curry roux and retort pouches with no animal raw material, allergen-free flakes (curry · white), and our black pepper which has obtained Halal certification! We will be waiting for your visit!   ① Please tell us about something about your company and products (PR points). It has been about a century since we made the first curry powder in Japan....
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Nichirei Foods Inc.

Enterprise Information Company name Nichirei Foods Inc. company overview As the pioneer company that made frozen foods in Japan, we will fully utilize the capabilities of R & D, procurement, production, sales and logistics, and will continue to provide valuable products and services that will be useful to our customers. Head office location Nichirei Higashi Ginza Building, Japan, 〒104-0045 Tōkyō-to, Chūō-ku, Tsukiji, 6 Chome−19−20 URL company/info.html Contact person Nakashima Masaki Contact person in charge 080-5974-4131 Message / benefits to buyers · visitors We want not only Japanese but also foreigners to enjoy safe and delicious Japanese meals. Therefore, I made the “Friendly Dining® series”. Among them, our items have...
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