September 13, 2017


ncrease recognition, increase sales in the domestic Halal market and acquire new customers. Enterprise Information Company name Gyomu Super/KOBE BUSSAN CO.,LTD. company overview We are a business supermarket franchise headquarters that has more than 777 stores nationwide in Japan. We also handle a lot of restaurant businesses. Head office location 876-1 Nakaishiki, Inami-chō, Kako-gun, Hyōgo-ken 675-1127, Japan URL Contact person Sugiura Syuji Contact person in charge 011-222-6842 Message / benefits to buyers · visitors We received numerous requests from customers’ questionnaires conducted at Halal Expo 2016 to sell halal beef. At the exhibition this year, we will provide samples for our Halal Beef (Yakiniku Beef short ribs). So please...
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