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① Please tell us about something about your company and products (PR points).

Halal meat sold by our company is processed at a meat processing plant dedicated to Halal food (certified by the NPO Japan Halal Association). All meat products being handled are Halal certified from public certification bodies that have been approved globally, and only meat which the slaughter method (Zabiha) conforming to Islamic law was performed, is handled at our premises.

② Please tell us why you started to venture into the halal/muslim markets.

In recent years, the number of Japanese tourists from Southeast Asia has been increasing steadily, especially from Malaysia and Indonesia. There are many Muslims in the countries of Southeast Asia and are particularly inconvenienced with the lack of food choices in Japan. We have established a fully independent halal kitchen from the experience of providing in-flight meals to Islamic-zone airlines. In this kitchen, for all the Muslims visiting Kansai International Airport, including in-flight meals, we will ensure that all ingredients, food and additives are halal, so that they can eat with peace of mind.
Acquisition of halal certification is a wish that we can earn the trust by providing meals including in-flight meals that are safe and delicious based on correct knowledge, and lead to business expansion.

③ Please recommend us the best way to enjoy your products.

Halal meat that we sell:
Braised roasted meat cut can be deliciously served even with salt and pepper alone.
Beef shoulder loin trimming can be used for a wide variety of dishes so we think it would be popular among Muslims
Sliced beef shoulder meat is suitable for Japanese food such as Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu.
Beef fillet steak is suitable for luxurious and on special occasions.
Others, minced beef and chicken, and chicken thigh can be used for rice bowl etc.

④ Please let us know what you look forward to at Halal Expo Japan 2017.

We hope that many people will know our Halal Meat, and we are looking forward to opportunities to provide safe halal meat at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 as we approach the goal of achieving tourism numbers.

⑤ Where can we buy your products?

You can order from our website and purchase at the Halal Shop in the Kansai area.