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① Please tell us about something about your company and products (PR points).

Chiba city is adjusting its environment to make it for Muslim-friendly. This time, we want to introduce “Muslim Omotenashi Map in Chiba city” to the visitors. The map introduces places where Muslims can eat, pray, stay, have their haircuts. 21 food establishments including halal wagyu beef yakiniku, ramen and takoyaki loved by many, will be introduced. In additional, there will be information on Muslim-friendly accommodation and beauty-related establishments.

② Please let us know why you have decided to be involved in the Halal, Muslim market.

Starting from 2013, Malaysians can freely visit Japan without a visa. This signifies possible increase in foreign tourists of different nationalities and cultures. To allow these tourists to travel without any worries, the “Chiba Inbound Muslim Promotion Committee” was formed with the support of suppliers in the city, assisting in creating a Muslim-friendly environment.

③ Please let us know the best way to consume/enjoy your products

We have ramen, yakiniku, Japanese food, and Muslim’s iconic homemade sambal chili. Please enjoy your favourite dish with the homemade sambal. Let’s enjoy seasonal food from Chiba city!

④ Please let us know what you are looking forward to at Halal Expo Japan 2017

We hope we can create opportunities for Muslims to know about Chiba city’s ‘omotenashi’ hospitality. Muslim-friendly accommodation with breakfast, safe and healing Moslema beauty, Male-Female separated praying space etc. are some of the areas Chiba city has been adjusting.
We want to make “Muslim-friendly Chiba city” into “The Chiba city that Muslims want to visit”.
At this year’s booth, we want to directly convey the charm of Chiba’s food, so we will be planning collaborations with Chiba’s halal food establishments.

⑤Where can your products be purchased?

Please refer to the “Muslim Omotenashi Map in Chiba city”.