Enterprise Information
company overview We process chicken and handle processed products for about 40 years at Chiraicho, south Kyushu, Kagoshima Prefecture. From purchase of raw materials to product processing, we produce by utilizing the characteristics of the ingredients by integrating with our own company.
Head office location 3635 Chiranchōkōri, Minamikyūshū-shi, Kagoshima-ken 897-0302, Japan
Contact person in charge 090-3014-5567
Message / benefits to buyers · visitors In 2012 we acquired local Halal certification from Malaysia HALAL CORPORATION. We sell meat and processed goods made from domestically produced chicken that is processed at strict Sharia law at our company’s own factory based on ISO9001 sanitary standards, to Muslim residents and restaurants that serve Muslim tourists and in-flight meals etc.


① Please tell us about something about your company and products (PR points).

We sell our Sharia-approved local Japanese chicken meat (ISO9001 quality) and processed meat to Muslim residents and inbound tourists for restaurants and inflight meals.

② Please tell us why you started to venture into the halal/muslim markets.

We would like to provide safe and delicious Japanese food for Muslim residents, and also to export Japanese food to other parts of the world by letting them know about Japanese quality.

③ Please recommend us the best way to enjoy your products.

Meat: Barbeque and chicken cuisine
Processed food such as Sausage and ham are suitable for family cooking, hotel and restaurant menu.
Halal chicken ramen (Shio, shoyu) is popular among residents and tourists.

④ Please let us know what you look forward to at Halal Expo Japan 2017.

We expect to increase sales to Muslim and in-bound Muslim including domestic residents and business opportunity to overseas export.

⑤ Where can we buy your products?

Ajinatori Online shop
Supermarkets for businesses (A-plus)
Halal shop