Next Diversity Corporation

Enterprise Information
Company name Next Diversity Corporation
company overview <FOODPICT>
We are promoting FOODPICT widely to facilities such as restaurants and hotels related to inbound business, tourism related enterprises and governments abroad and universities and overseas tourism industry, railway industry, local government, university and overseas. We sell the licensing fee and the only store search system in Japan.
Head office location 〒541-0046 Osaka, Chuo-ku, Hirano-machi 2-2-12, Ikoma building 5th level
Contact person Representative CEO Oku Kensho
Contact person in charge 090-4208-0844
Message / benefits to buyers · visitors We want to create a street filled with hospitality.
We will promote FOODPICT from Japan to the world so that people with dietary restrictions can enjoy meals with a peace of mind.
About 80% of the restaurants in Narita Airport and Kansai International Airport, which serves as the gateways to Japan, are using it. We also have over 1000 accommodation facilities such as hotels in Japan using it.
At the Ise Shima Summit in 2015, it was used at the Media Center.
We will provide customers with a new form to their delight!