Pie System Research Institute

Enterprise Information
Company name Pie System Research Institute
company overview  We produce and sell pesticide-free supplements, pesticide-free vegetable soup. In addition, development, manufacturing and sales of other health related products and food ingredients
Head office location Japan, 〒371-0103 Gunma-ken, Maebashi-shi, Fujimimachi Kogure, 347−3
Contact person Konno Masatoshi
Contact person in charge 042-401-9789
Message / benefits to buyers · visitors Our company sells vegetable soup and supplements made from organic pesticide vegetables as well as “pesticide-free” vegetables carefully raised by ourselves at our farm, Maebashi City, Gumma Prefecture, Akagi Mountain. Of course, meat, alcohol, chemical seasoning etc are not used. You can eat with confidence.
It is scientifically and objectively proved by examination by medical equipment that there is an effect that “we do not oxidize body = anti-aging” as a very excellent point of our products. These were achieved for the first time by our special manufacturing method (of course not using Haram items). In addition,
In today’s society, food additives are mixed in many foods. Supplements and vegetable soup are no exception. Its adverse health effects are very big, therefore we will continue to deliver goods that are good, healthy and tasty.


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