Enterprise Information
Company name SUN・TOP CO.,LTD
company overview We do sales of Household goods. We handle mainly kitchen items, but we also handle cosmetics and food.
Head office location 3 Chome-10-10 Misakichō, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 101-0061, Japan
Contact person  Kodama Asako
Contact person in charge  070-5360-6437
Message / benefits to buyers · visitors We supply to hotels the halal Amenity brand “sophim” which has Indonesia Halal certification. In addition, we handle HALAL certified food that are made in Japan.
(Sweets, drinks, preserved meals, etc.)We attain halal certification for our products that Muslim people can enjoy what Japanese people usually eat.
We will be preparing a lot of samples for testing so please come by our booth!


① Please tell us about something about your company and products (PR points).

We are a professional trading company of household goods for over 70 years.
We mainly handle kitchen miscellaneous goods, but we also deal with foods, cosmetics, and other lifestyle goods (made in Japan and overseas).

② Please tell us why you started to venture into the halal/muslim markets.

There was demand from hotel guests, therefore we started handling halal amenity (Sophim) for hotels.
However, we got feedback from guests from various industries who were looking at our products, so I felt that there was business possibility not limited only to hotels.
Now it’s not just amenities, but also sweets, emergency food and drinking water etc.
We have begun handling various items that were restricted by traditional barriers in handling halal.

③Please recommend us the best way to enjoy your products.

Dried fruits can be eaten as it is, but you can also have it with yogurt etc.
Dates syrup can be used as a substitute for sugar.

With mild sweetness like honey, the naturally-cultivated dates with no additives is ideal as a nutritional supplement.
Coffee and tea are suitable for Japanese dishes such as simmered dishes, curry, burdock dishes.

④ Please let us know what you look forward to at Halal Expo Japan 2017.

To have a lot of people know about our brand Sophim
To build relationships with various Muslims
Acquiring new customers
Appeal of other business development to existing customers

⑤ Where can we buy your products?

Our online shopping page and retail store at Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa etc.
Keio Artman
Online mail order (to be launched in the future)